Paper Straws

Did you know that 8.3 billion plastic straws are polluting the world’s beaches? 

Plastic Straws are not biodegradable – instead they fragment into smaller and smaller plastics (microplastics), which marine animals mistake for food, ingesting the plastic.

Beyond strangulation of marine life, the larger reason plastic is so dangerous is that it releases toxic chemicals when it breaks down, polluting our oceans.

Our company is ready to minimise the negative outcomes of Plastic Straws with our own-production Paper Straws (BRC AA accredited).

We produce a wide range of sizes and colours, which can also be customised with our customers’ logos, offering a solution that is renewable and degrades in 2-3 weeks.

In order to ensure the quality of the final product:

  • We import our raw materials from Germany 
  • We don’t use oil, therefore there are no bad odours and no bad aftertaste
  • Heating of products occurs in over 90°C degrees, which ensures hardness of products, achieving higher durability in liquids (more than 4 hours)

Our aim is to be the first choice of eco-friendly Paper Straws of a high quality and cost efficiency.